Domain-specific Language

Express your domain processes and knowledge in a language that directly uses the concepts and logic from your particular field.


Projectional Editor

Communicate with terminology that everyone in your field understands. Use non-textual notation with projectional editing including math notations, diagrams, and forms.


Editor Support

Our intelligent editor is here to help and guide you through the whole process with quick fixes, word completion, and intentions.



Every company is different with their own needs. You should build your own language to meet the demands of your business if:

It is possible to automate key tasks

When the structures and processes are well defined, a domain-specific language can increase productivity significantly by utilizing the potential of automation.

Involvement from domain experts is required

When the product is highly complex and the developers aren’t experts in your business domain. MPS helps even unfamiliar developers understand the system immediately.

There is a lot of dependency on developers

Put an end to needing to ask developers for changes to the business logic. With a domain-specific language even non-devs can directly participate in the development effort.