TeamCity Professional

100 build configurations
Define up to 100 build configurations (jobs) and run unlimited builds.

Public issue tracker and forum
Receive peer support through the forum, alternatively file a bug or feature request, and vote for them in our public issue tracker.

3 build agents
Run up to 3 builds concurrently. Add extra agents when necessary.

Free forever
Unlimited users, unlimited build time. No strings attached.

Utilize the full potential of all the TeamCity features. This product includes features identical to those available to our largest customers.


Powerful Continuous Integration

Remote run and pre-tested commit
Build, check and run automated tests on the server even before committing your changes – keeping your code base clean at all times.

On-the-fly build progress reporting
Don’t wait for a build to finish to discover that something is wrong.

Smart Configuration

Project hierarchy
Form your project tree to inherit parent settings and permissions.

Create templates with common settings and inherit any number of build configurations from them.

Configuration as code

Create from URL
When creating a project in TeamCity, just point it to the repository with your .teamcity/settings.kts file. TeamCity will automatically create the project with all the required settings and build configurations, as described in code.

Kotlin DSL scripts are server- and project-independent, which means you can share the same script between different servers or even projects within the same server. All you need to do is to check it into the repository.

Real programming language
Since the DSL is based on Kotlin, you can reuse code, create configurations dynamically, and take advantage of auto-completion and code navigation in your IDE.

Comprehensive VCS integration

Feature Branches
Using feature branches for development? TeamCity will detect and build changes in your branch, as well as merge it to the master.

Versioned Settings
Synchronize your project settings with VCS, and never lose track of them again.