Intelligent code editor

Stay focused on the research while Datalore takes care of the routine. Enjoy smart code completion, syntax highlighting and context-aware code generation.

Incremental calculations

Improve and adjust models without worrying about additional recalculations. Datalore follows dependencies between computations so that you don’t have to track which parts of the code were affected by recent edits.

User-controlled code execution

Put running calculations on hold, complete major edits and run only the computations that you want to check right away.

Customizable interface

Switch between sequential view, where each output appears right below its input, and split view, with input and output blocks positioned side by side.

Out-of-the-box Python tools

Start analyzing right away with multiple pre-installed Python libraries for data analysis and powerful visualization tools at hand.


Get real-time remote access to the workbook and the code editor. Share a workbook with colleagues and explore together.

Integrated version control

Control your edits with a built-in version control system. Compare different versions, rollback and apply changes whenever you need to.


In cloud and ready to go

An intelligent web workbook ensures that you have all the necessary tools at hand. Keep your findings safe and secure in cloud storage.